Do you dare to dream in 2014?

Could this holiday season be the best time for some considered thinking about how you can build the business of your dreams, with the safety of a globally recognised recruitment franchise, in 2014 and beyond?

Antal International is a global recruitment business with 20 years experience and 130 offices in 30 countries. Our offices are run by franchise owners, with strong backgrounds gained in many and varied industries and professions. Through our extensive infrastructure, training and support they are placing professionals into executive roles in both small to medium sized and large multi-national corporations, often on a global scale and enjoying healthy returns. They add value and credibility to their clients and candidates every day.banner-conf-2013

We meet many people who want to start their own business and they tell us they hope to make money, be their own boss, achieve recognition in the business community and enjoy freedom. All this is relevant, but we wondered what this really means on a personal level to our franchise owners who did dare to dream by launching their own recruitment business, within the safety and support of our proven franchise model.

We asked them to tell us how they are living their lives today, in ways that would have been impossible before they joined Antal and some of their answers included:  Packing for a cruise to the Caribbean with my wife, taking the afternoon off to watch my kids in their nativity play, bringing my daughter home from university on a Friday afternoon, working from Australia for a month with my family, buying my daughter a new car for her birthday, buying a holiday home, enjoying Christmas lunch with my team of consultants…the list goes on.

There are positive signs everywhere that we are on the cusp of an economic upswing in many European markets and hiring great people is where it starts.

Doug Bugie, who has been in recruitment franchising for more than 30 years and has been behind the success of many global recruitment millionaires, will be in Europe for all of January and India for much of February, to discuss the risks and rewards of building your own recruitment business with Antal International.  We extend our invitation to you to find out more and invite you to a series of one to one meetings and seminars to help you understand the risks the rewards and the results you can expect.

Please contact us to find out more.

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