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Antal awarded Best Executive Recruitment Company 2015 by Focus magazine in Germany Featured News Articles

allemagneThe renowned News magazine FOCUS has awarded Antal International with the title “Top Personaldienstleister/Best Executive Recruitment Company 2015″ in Germany for the first time. 

Together with XING, over 1.200 employees in the recruitment sector such as line managers have been surveyed on different criteria such as quality of collaboration, selection of candidates, and price/ performance ratio.

In addition, over 2.000 candidates have also been interviewed (on quality of selection of job offers, communication during the placement process, and general quality of service).

The special edition of FOCUS magazine can be obtained here: >> https://focus-abo.de/focus-spezial-gehalt-karriere-2015/

Over the past 15 years, Antal in Germany has made more than 1000 placements and has stood the test of time with national and international coverage. It has had impact on companies and candidates which is real and long-standing. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, many say it is the ‘engine’ of Europe and a difficult market to enter and to stand out in as there are easily 1500 executive recruitment businesses in Germany. This ranking puts Antal in the top 3%. The whole Antal International Network takes pride in this singular achievement where we ranked at the top not only with German leaders but world leaders in our industry.We apply the same award winning methodology adjusted to each country and culture we operate in, in over 30 countries. The mission is very clear: to help and support Antal Franchise Owners build strong, successful and profitable executive recruitment businesses, which as a primary goal are all about “discovering talent” for our hundreds of client companies worldwide.

Antal has filled over 60,000 Jobs in the past 15 years and we look forward to discussing our model and support with you.Please remember, you don’t have to have prior recruitment experience. Your background, skill and experience combined with our training and support = a very strong offering to the global marketplace.

Let’s talk soon, in confidence.

Antal partners with USA-based WorldbridgeFeatured News Articles

Global recruiter Antal International has announced a strategic partnership agreement with USA-based executive search firm Worldbridge Partners.US flag

The joint group will now encompass more than 137 offices and over 800 consultants and give access to clients and candidates in 35 countries including USA, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Panama.

“We’re already well-established in Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia and Africa and recently moved into the Latin American market with a new office in Mexico,” said Antal International’s Founder & Chairman, Tony Goodwin.“Partnering with Worldbridge Partners gives us that next key piece in the global jigsaw – the USA and Central America. And it’s a vital piece given the fact that the US still accounts for over 25% of all world trade export and there are consequently literally thousands of US companies looking for the talent necessary to fuel overseas expansion.” Doug Bugie, President of Antal International Network: “Antal has built and continues to build a global platform which has always emphasised the rapidly developing markets such as Russia, Poland, India and China to name a few. The company has a combined 80 years of trading experience just in these countries alone. Not many, if any of our competition can make that statement. Just in these 4 key countries Antal has over 400 consultants. Every day our consultants around the world sell our range services and promote the Antal brand. Now having Worldbridge as a partner, we have filled the gap in the world’s most vibrant and growing market – America. Worldbridge Partners is one of the leading search and recruitment organizations in Northern America, with capabilities to extend in Central and South America as well. In addition, Worldbridge is cutting edge the large scale solutions arena as adding to its pinpoint executive search service. We believe the combination will be very dynamic and surely interesting to our hundreds of multinational clients”. “As an industry leader in recruitment, Antal International is committed to innovation and integrity in its operations around the world,” said WorldBridge’s Managing Partner Jack Downing. “WorldBridge has the same commitment, as well as the right combination of people, tools, processes and recruitment expertise to back it up. It’s a commitment that drives lasting value, and one that our clients have come to expect.”

7 reasons to join Antal todayFeatured News Articles

If you are thinking of running your own business, here 7 points on why you should take the leap and become an entrepreneur

1. Decide on your work/life balance

To run your own business is to run to your own schedule and upon your own steam.
Want to finish work an hour early? There is no boss to say otherwise!
Want to jet off somewhere exotic at a moment’s notice? You are in charge of your own holiday allowance! It is for you to decide when and how you work.

2. Create jobs

It is a fantastic feeling to choose your own team and to provide them with opportunities. Finding the potential in others is one of the best things about management. Your ideas and entrepreneurial spirit will provide jobs for hard-workers who want to provide for their families and their future.

3. Be an Expert

Owning a franchise recruitment business in a specific industry sector will enable you to be perceived as an expert and trusted advisor in your very own area and beyond – in using your acquired industry expertise you will find, build and place talent – moreover, you will enhance your skills, therefore are able to stimulate your studious brain and obtain job variety – new developments in recruiting and daily challenges will create the work life and challenges you want!

4. Enjoy Variety in your work

As the business is yours, you will have a say in everything; from marketing, to accounting, to design and research. Not only do you get to experience your business inside out, but you get to tailor it to your desires.

5. See results: exactly as you pictured them

It is all very well seeing the finished project when you are working for someone else, but nothing beats witnessing the results of something made exactly to your specifications. You built something yourself, for yourself.

6. Job Security

No matter how valued or secure you feel in your 9-5 job, there is always the risk of losing it. Although running your own business comes with risks as well as monumental rewards, you will never have to worry about being made redundant!

7. Networking

Entrepreneurs are buzzing hives of motivation and experience. You will meet fascinating people when embarking on your own venture who will inspire you, introduce you to new methodology and possibly offer new opportunities.We Are On The Move

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened seven new offices located in the Ivory Coast, France, Bulgaria, India and UK. Last week our franchise team ran a comprehensive induction programme for the new Managing Partners to expand our services within the FCMG, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Logistics sectors.

Being a niche specialist, we carefully selected the partners who must have no less than 10 years of corporate experience & expertise within their chosen markets.

Since Antal launched in 1993, our strategy has been to venture into new and difficult markets, and apply our unique array of systems, training and technology, plus dedication, hard work and spirit to break into market after market, and in many cases become the number one recruitment leader. We’re on track to opening over 35 new offices and expect that pace will increase going into 2016. We’re particularly excited that the critical mass achieved in India led by our partner there, Joe Devasia is breaking past 40 offices; putting Antal in a key leadership position in what is already an amazing growth opportunity.

We haven’t lost that spirit and drive for adventure as we continue to break into and develop momentum. This adds up to over 60K placements made on every stock exchange traded company, household brands as well as SME’s.

Feedback from our new franchisee Ernesto Santarelli whose office is based in London, UK:

“I am delighted to have joined the Antal International Network. After 25 years’ experience in the Hospitality & Catering sectors I thought it was the right step. Antal delivered a first class induction programme which was complimented with the support of other colleagues. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and willingness to assist a new partner. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience to deliver to the current portfolio and future clients, a first class service matching their requirements with the most suited candidates”.

Short profile on our new franchisees:

Ernesto Santarelli

Ernesto was referred to us by existing and successful franchisee Salvatore Fernandez who is based in London. With more than 20 years experience in managing operations, growing revenue, optimising the efficiency and reputation of such prestigious hotels such as the Strand Palace, Hilton, Park Lane and Lancaster London hotels to name a few. Being a General Manager of Cambridge City Hotel, Ernesto made a decision to buy a recruitment franchise and use his connections & corporate experience to make placements within the hospitality sector.

Ernesto will be based in London.

Emmanuel Deligans

Emmanuel has more than 26 years experience in purchasing and has worked for brands such as Philips, Siemens and Vodafone in France, Austria, Singapore, China and Luxemburg. He has a hands-on background in international expansion, has forged value-focused supply networks and recruited award-winning sourcing teams.

Emmanuel is planning to operate within the Transportation & Logistics sectors and will be based in France.

Vladimir Alitchikov

Vladimir has invested in various businesses in Bulgaria and has completed successful transactions of three companies in Bulgaria and Austria. Currently Vladimir remains the founder of a Renewables business and a local fund with investments in IT, Real Estate and Service Management companies. Vladimir aspires to move into the recruitment world in order to compliment his excellent expertise and leadership. Maria Stoycheva who is currently a CEO of an energy utility company in Bulgaria, will be helping Vladimir in business development and PR.

Vladimir & Maria are planning to operate within the Digital Marketing sector and will be based in Bulgaria.

Malik Bakayoko

For the last 12 years, Malik has held senior positions for global brands such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Durabilis and TSK Holding. Now Malik is leaving the corporate world to run his own recruitment business and make placements within the FCMG & Legal sectors which will greatly compliment his experience and knowledge in the general management of successful international enterprises.

Malik will be based in the Ivory Coast.

Hament Ahuja & Lekha Bajpai

Hament Ahuja comes with 35 years of experience in Facilities Management and Maintenance in the Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Refineries, Utilities, Infrastructure and Building Services.

Lekha Bajpai has 25 years of experience in IT. She has worked in senior management positions, spearheading various projects on technologies. She has technical and functional experience in multiple domains like Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, Contracting & Manufacturing, Market Research & Digital Marketing.

She has an M. Tech. in Electronics & Communication, Six Sigma Green Belt, and certifications in IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and IT Audit.

Hament and Lekha will be based in Mumbai, India

Abhay Kejriwal

Abhay Kejriwal has over 18 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Having worked within various disciplines like Sales & Marketing, HR, Operations, Quality and Management, he brings with him indepth knowledge of the industry.
Abhay will be based in Pune, India

Global alliance to boost hiring

Career International and Antal come together to offer comprehensive, specialized recruitment services in major markets

Global competition among countries, companies and individuals has never been fiercer, and a recently formed Sino-UK recruitment joint venture illustrates perfectly just how well companies from different parts of the world can now operate together.

The venture set up between China’s Career International and Antal International, a recruitment specialist based in the United Kingdom, is expected to see new offices opened in key cities such as Dalian, Xi’an and Hangzhou, to help Antal grow its business in China.

Under the deal, in which Career has a 51 percent stake, the two companies will strengthen their foothold in other international markets around the world, too, courtesy of Antal’s global connections.

Career, founded in the late 1990s, previously focused solely on headhunting, but that has now dropped to 60 percent of its total business, with 75 percent of its clients now multinationals, including major Chinese names such as Haier, Huawei and Lenovo.

It is strongly represented in 40 locations across Asia, says its chairman Gao Yong.

Global alliance to boost hiring

“We follow the footprints of our clients, and have opened five offices in Southeast Asia, just to meet client expansions in the region,” he says.

“But many of our Chinese clients are now reaching out to the European market, and this is the key reason why we chose Antal.”
Career has recruited more than 1,000 people a year for the past eight years for a major US-based client.

Founded in 1993, UK-based Antal is considered one of the country’s top management and professional recruitment specialists, but crucially it also claims to be one of the first to devote substantial resources to emerging markets, and now has 135 offices in more than 30 countries.

It has been operating in the Asia-Pacific for nearly 17 years, and Antal China already has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

While Career is going global in its search for top talent, Antal is focusing on the fast-growing Chinese market, and it is that two-way direction of their ambitions that attracted the companies to one another.

Antal’s founder and CEO Tony Goodwin says China holds much larger potential for his firm than its UK home market.

Earlier this year, traveling in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, another city in which a potential joint office is now planned, Goodwin says he was surprised to find that its 8.8 million population was served by just 20 recruitment companies.

A comparative city in the UK could expect around 2,000, he says.

“To continue this development process, we had to partner with a Chinese company. We found we really needed each other, and the two companies hit it off immediately.”

Around 20 percent of Antal’s business comes from what are considered local clients, with the rest coming from multinationals, but Goodwin says the local element has grown much more strongly over the past five years, especially in third and fourth-tier Chinese cities.

“When we arrived in China in 2000, young people wanted to stay in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou after college; but now that has shifted, and more prefer to return home to work, where living costs are cheaper and competition is much less.”

And it is not just local recruitment by local firms that is growing fast; multinationals are also increasing their staff in China.

“When a multinational wants to expand in China, it doesn’t want to bring people from the UK or from the US, but find people who have expertise in the local market,” Goodwin says.

Equally, Gao says, the partnership with Antal helps its own Chinese clients find the best overseas talent, and vacancies, more quickly. “Previously, if our clients wanted us to recruit a local manager in Amsterdam, it was very difficult for us to find the right person; but now if that kind of demand arises we can contact our new partner in Europe and start the process immediately.”

The spread of sector expertise now available to both parties is also strengthened by the new venture .

The two companies previously concentrated on very different niche markets: Antal on fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises in the healthcare, retail and IT supply chain, and Career on the finance, consumer products and medical devices sectors.

Business for both sides is now more “complementary than competitive”, Gao says.

Goodwin says there has been “a flux of talent coming into the UK”, and many Chinese students are still studying in the UK.

“Many prefer to work in a Chinese company in the UK or other European countries, so Career and Antal can join in serving these groups, for instance,” he says, adding that the line between local and imported talent continues to blur.

“We have already seen major Chinese companies buying or taking stakes in leading overseas companies – Lenovo buying IBM’s PC business, for instance, and Geely buying Volvo – and we expect to see many more Chinese investments in Europe.

“People now care far less about where good managers came from, and more about their ability to do the job.”

Both companies say they realize too, that modern recruiting, especially internationally, is a more precise process than in the past, when often the only requirement for clients was to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible.

Now, as well as finding the right person, companies want to make sure their brand is protected and promoted throughout the recruitment process, and that calls for specialist skills.

Gao uses the example of one of Career’s clients, who insists on collecting feedback from job-seekers – successful or not – asking whether they felt comfortable during the process, and how that could be improved.
Recruitment methods are also changing rapidly

In the 1980s, job adverts printed in newspapers, or even posted on billboards, noticeboards or street lights or power poles were the norm. In the 1990s, job fairs dominated the recruitment sector.

But today it is all about using the Internet to best effect, and in China that means understanding how to market through social media such as Weibo and even WeChat.

Two other significant changes have seen the recruitment process becoming more detailed, and more companies outsourcing the function, with all stages being handled by professional recruitment firms, including language tests and job interviews, even salary negotiations.

“In a traditional company, the human resources department used to take charge of these duties,” adds Gao, “But companies need to recruit human resources staff first, before they can recruit others.

“When an economy is strong, that’s fine, but when it slips, often the first thing to get cut is staff, maybe even HR staff.

“In a fluctuating economy, recruitment staff can change often, so many companies have found the more economical and efficient way is to outsource this function to specialized companies like ours,” he says.