Downturn: A Great time to be in Business

It’s a lousy time to start or grow a business, right? Wrong! Over half of America’s Fortune 500 companies started during a depression or recession.
As far back as the first century BCE, Horace noted that “Adversity reveals greatness; prosperity conceals it.”These companies either started or prospered during an economic downturn or depression:

  • Xerox began in 1906 during the post World War I recession.
  • Disney was founded in 1923, releasing “Steamboat Willie” (the first Mickey Mouse movie with synchronized music and sound effects) in 1928.
  • Motorola was started in 1928, a year before the great depression began.
  • Hewlett-Packard started in 1939. One of their first customers was Disney Studios.
  • CNN was started in the economic slump of the early 80’s.
  • Antal International was launched in 1993 at the tail end of recession when unemployment in UK increased from around 1,600,000 to nearly 3,000,000.
  • Wikipedia was born during the post 9/11 recession.

More recent examples include FedEx and Microsoft – both founded during the Stagflation of the 70s. 

Yet thousands of businesses collapsed during these same times. Why?  The Kauffman Foundation said it well: “Every generation of start-ups is … both a renewal and restructuring of the economy.” So, what’s the difference between the “lucky” ones and the “used-to-be’s”? For sure, timing plays a role, but it rarely, if ever determines long-term success. It’s less about outside circumstances and more about inside qualities and characteristics. Or as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. put it, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.”

The best businesses make a meaningful difference!

Recessions help business owners better focus on what customers truly want and need as well as highlight the gaps in conventional offerings. Companies that survive and thrive in bad economic times act more like a start-up than an established business. They scrutinize both their product offerings and their business practices in the light of current market need to find solutions that create opportunities. In good times and in bad, the best companies are those that deliver the best value to their customers. Bottom line is that winning businesses have winning teams. Success is, in large part, a result of the quality and quantity of relationships. At Antal International we help create winning teams for winning businesses.

Let’s take advantage of this wonderful opportunity…….launch your business now!

Antal International is perfectly positioned to make India our number one market in recruitment business. We began with one pilot office in Mumbai…five years later we are making hundreds of mid to senior level placements, not only in India but around the world into and from India. 

Antal truly is the leading professional level recruitment organization in India and globally primarily through franchising. This is a fully scalable professional business-to-business franchise concept. Because of the high value service we provide at the executive level, we are able to charge clients higher fees and are charging 15% – 25% of the candidate’s first year salary in this market. Both experienced recruitment professionals and non-experienced people are joining our business.

We strongly believe that our business model, international fee sharing ability and branding is now perfectly positioned for the Indian recruitment market and we are just about to launch few more offices to add to the 24 we have in India currently.
All this combined with the strength in our economy means that a quality and international approach to recruitment is in demand in India RIGHT NOW.

The time to begin building your business is now. Read more about Antal’s franchising philosophy on  and take the first step towards “Entrepreneurship”.

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