Now is a good time to reflect on where you are in your job.  Why not start the job hunting process now.  August holidays are notorious reflection points… How as the year progressed so far?  Are you ready to start looking for a new job your next career move and a fresh start for 2019?  Here are 6 job hunting tips to get you started:

1. Organise your job hunting

Be specific in the jobs roles you would be interested in.  Keep a track of which roles you have applied for and just who has permission to have your details.  

2. Get your job hunting timing right

It is going to take weeks, and if not months to go through the interview process, and with your notice period to consider too.  

3. Work on your CV

Make sure this document does you justice, that it demonstrates your strengths and highlights is were where you have added value on projects.  We shared cv writing tips in our earlier blog.

4. Dust down your online presence

Is your social media footprint up to scratch and does it reflect your professional track record.  This is an increasing source of verification; , social proof, it is worth checking your online accounts are up to date.  

5. Get connected

Update your online connections on the work-based, job-seeking platforms – LinkedIn / Xing for example.  

6. Do your homework

Understand more about the companies you are approaching, or work closely with a professional recruiter such as Antal International, so they can give you insight into the companies and jobs, to prepare you for the job hunting and interview process.  

With all this careful preparation, you are ready to take the plunge and actively job hunting and starting to look for your next career move…. If you start now it could be a very different outlook for 2019.   Our offices are on hand to assist you with this move.  Look through the jobs listed on our homepage and do not hesitate to apply for any which you feel are a close match. Good luck!

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