20 Years in Careers (nearly 21!)

By October 4, 2013news

A word from our CEO and founder Tony Goodwin:

As I reflect over the last 9 months and a rapidly passing 2013 and towards our Global Conference, I would like to remind you all what a great year we are having so far. We have won another award for the Best UK Overseas Operation 2013 and have been awarded the title of “The Ambassador of the Polish economy” for the second year running. However, the most significant and important event to mark this year is our 20 year anniversary. Most recruitment companies do not make it past the 6 year mark in the UK, and then if they reach 10 years there is normally a change of ownership and they go downhill from there. I am so looking forward to the future because if it is just a quarter as interesting, fun and profitable as the last 20 years then we are going to have a brilliant and wonderful time ahead of us.

tonyAs you all know my main ambition is to expand the Antal company owned and franchise  network to 600 offices over six continents within the next 7 years. Keeping with the Antal entrepreneurial spirit we always think how to optimise our position in the global market so watch this space as there could be more exciting changes on the horizon. We are relentless in our development of the Antal International unique culture of sharing information, knowledge and experience around the globe.

A perfect example of this is the official launch of our office in Mexico this year, which will cover all Central America regions. We are also going to open more offices in South America where the economies are large, sophisticated and systemic. Latin America has grown rapidly compared with the rest of the world and is expected to continue to grow at pace. This is a region with a very young population, which provides a good environment for productive business practice. We are particular keen to develop Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile and key markets for Antal from our Mexico and Spanish platform and infrastructure.

Driven by our clients in India and Asia we are planning to open some operations in North America also. So on this note I would like to welcome back Doug Bugie, that legend of the recruitment franchise industry world-wide, who will be returning to the Antal Network to help build our franchise operation and spearhead our development in the USA. Doug with his knowledge, connections and energy will be a great asset for the growth of the Antal Network and I know I speak for all the owners that have ever had contact with Doug when I say we are honoured and delighted to have him back on the team.

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